Dr. James Baker – Book Launch Photography
Published on: May 10, 2024

“This Monstrous Obsession” by Dr. James Baker offers a raw and honest account aimed at supporting and informing parents and families of addicts. Dr. Baker, a seasoned physician in hospice care and palliative medicine, became acutely aware of the realities of addiction through his son Macky’s battle with heroin addiction, which ultimately led to Macky’s death from an overdose. Through his personal experience, Dr. Baker sheds light on the often misunderstood and mishandled opioid crisis, emphasizing the gap in addiction education among doctors and the prevalence of outdated, profit-driven information about addiction care in the media.

In his book, Dr. Baker integrates cutting-edge scientific research, personal reflections, and Macky’s own writings to highlight the persistent issues of the opioid crisis and propose effective treatment strategies. His work advocates for better education, legislative reforms, and most importantly, support for families dealing with addiction. Dr. Baker’s dedication to this cause extends beyond his writing, as he actively works to prevent addiction and overdose through advocacy and teaching. Additionally, he serves as a consultant for the Massachusetts Consultation Service for the Treatment of Addiction and Pain (MCSTAP), providing crucial guidance to healthcare professionals treating addiction and complex pain. 

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Baker previously, creating images for his website and social media. I am honored to be part of this event, as this book will help countless families facing similar circumstances.

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