Professional Team Headshots: A True Reflection of Your Persona

A headshot is more than just a close-up photo—it’s a representation of your professional identity. Our commitment as your photographers is to capture the essence of who you are. When you enjoy the headshot process, the results shine through. Experience a comfortable and engaging session with us, ensuring every shot radiates quality and authenticity. We aim to deliver a relaxed experience that focuses on quality and efficiency.

Efficient Team Headshots for Groups of All Sizes

Whether you have a team of five or five-hundred, our expert staff is proficient in delivering headshots that every member will love. Rely on our specialized services for team headshots that stand out, showcasing each individual’s best features in an environment of ease and fun.

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Team Headshots

Group sessions of up to 25 people can include on-site selection so that everyone we photograph will be able to view and select their favorite image immediately (extra charges apply). We will also provide a basic-retouched version of each favorite, delivered digitally, within 3 business days from the time we receive the final selection. 

  • 4-9 people   $179/person

    Recommended that you set aside one hour for shooting time. Available in our studio or on location at your office.

  • 10-19 people   $159/person

    Recommended that you set aside two and a half hours for shooting time. Available in our studio or on location at your office.

    20-29 people   $129/person

    Recommended that you set aside a half day for shooting time. Available in our studio or on location at your office.

  • 30+ People Contact Us

    Teams larger than 30 may require a custom quote or qualify for a volume group rate. Contact us for pricing.


Event and High-Volume Headshots

Brands and businesses are taking advantage of trade shows and conferences as the perfect place to get great headshots. It enables companies with a large, geographically diverse workforce to get stunning and consistent headshots. Having headshot stations at an event also works as an awesome marketing tool for vendors and sponsors.

Pricing for event and high-volume headshots is by half day/full day. Half day is up to four consecutive hours, full day is up to eight consecutive hours. Each headshot station is able to photograph as many as twenty people per hour.

  • Headshot Station                 $1100/$2200

    Up to four consecutive hours of shooting.

  • On Site Image Selection    $275/$500

    A must for large groups. Our staff will guide every person through the process of viewing their headshots immediately after they are photographed and assist them in selecting their favorite image.

  • File Organization                 $275/$500

    We use the latest in digital technology to organize all of the digital files. We provide you with all of the selected images, organized alphabetically by last name. Instead of ABC123.jpg, all files are named for the person in the image, Lastname_Firstname.jpg. This makes distributing the images much easier.

  • Retouching                             $20/image

    Depending on your needs, you may want to provide a retouched image for each person we photograph. This includes removing stray hairs, reducing facial shine, removing blemishes, and lightening dark circles under eyes.

  • Image Usage License           $500

    Copyright usage and licensing agreement for all images from the headshot station. Price is per day of shooting.


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